Floating upward

Towards blue skies,

Tangling in your toes,

With no anchor in sand.

That's what she reminds you of.

Because you hadn't yet tied her down -

She refused your offer of a good marriage -

She continued to run free in her own way,

Following only the direction of the compass in her heart.

Unfortunately for you, true North turned out to be another man.

How hot fanned your jealousy when you made that discovery for yourself?

I don't think any container on Earth could have contained your scorching jealousy.

But your blood runs so easily you should have been water, and she fire.

Your temperaments never matched, and maybe that's why the relationship was doomed from the start.

Anyways, you didn't come here to relive old memories, or revisit slights she made against you.

Neither are you present to make metaphors about your lost love; you're here to investigate a crime.

Her "crime" was to drown in the shallows of the ocean, a feat seemingly accomplished all by herself.

That's the reason for the resemblance to seaweed - her long hair, in ringlets, gently laps against your bare ankles.

You should have made sure to cut that same hair before you murdered her; the wigmakers are paying handsomely now.

Come, grab her head, and though she's bloated - and gruesome because of that - please do smile for the forensic officer's camera.

The End

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