Too Quickly She's Gone


Two souls,

They come together.

They say, "I do."

Showers of rice, the honeymoon,

They begin a new life together.

A house with a white picket fence,

And deep red roses climbing higher and higher.

Then one cold December night in a snuggling mood,

They created together a cuddly dream just nine months away

Then at the first of September, when the clock struck midnight,

A cry and an ooh, a smile and an ah, she's here,

A princess, an angel, a beautiful soul, a lovely, a lady, a miracle.

She learned how to crawl, she learned how to walk, she learned to talk,

She learned how to ride, she learned how to sing, she learned how to love,

Soon she was six, and then she was twelve, then she was grown, then she gone.


The End

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