The Game (One More Word Challenge)


“What’s up?”

“Not a thing.”

“So why’d you call?”

“I’ve got a good idea.”

“All right, tell me about it.”

“It’s a sort of a challenging game.”

“And the rules of this challenging game are…?”

“Well, first, I have to make up a sentence.”

“Is this sentence written down or do you say it?”

“For the purposes of this game, I will just say it.”

“Then what do I do after you have said this remarkable sentence?”

“Then you say a sentence, but it has to be one word longer.”

“I suppose that the rules sound simple enough to play this game of yours.”

“So does that mean, then, that you’re ready to try out the game, my friend?”


“You lost.”

“How’d I lose?”

“You needed sixteen words.”

“We didn’t even start yet!”

“Yes, back when I said, ‘Hey.’”

“Well, how about going another round then?”

“Are you sure you’re up to the challenge?”


“You lost.”

The End

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