I am the one, Applegate's my name

"68 and 5" I look at my kill death ratio for Call of Duty. It was outstanding, and I was the biggest killer on my team. Although it probably shows how much I play.

"Get a life noob." "Oh oh, that fifth kill was me bi-otch!" "Stop stealing my kills pig!" I got messages like this all the time, but I knew I was better than them, so it didn't effect me at all.

Then I got a very interesting voice clip through my X-Box.

"Congratulations, Mr. Applegate Johnson, username AJBlaster." I was shocked that my X-Box knew my real name, and could speak. "You have been selected from a wide variety of players to test a new Live game. If you win this game, you shall be greatly rewarded."

It had me at Live. I get to play a new game before anyone else? I was stoked. I was a bit curious how I was picked, but I didn't think much of it. "All right, send me the game."

"We do not send you the game Mr. Johnson." The voice said. "The game sends you."

Just like that, a vortex shot out from my tv and sucked me through. I passed through a bunch of numbers and codecs I didn't understand, and then landed on a black floor with green lines on it. As soon as I got to my feet, I noticed my clothes had changed. I was wearing a t-shirt and jeans, now I'm wearing a black jumpsuit with orange lights on it. Cool.

As soon as I got to my feet I noticed two signs emerge out of no where. "World One" and "Safe Zone". Well it's good to know that nothing's going to attack me immediately. Then the voice came back.

"Choose your weapon." And just like that, a case full of funny looking weapons came down from the sky, attached to nothing but still somehow floating. I didn't see much of a difference in what I picked, so I closed my eyes and touched a random item. Turns out this item was slimy and began to cover my body. Confused, I began to panic.

"Do not worry, you have chosen the Animorph fluid. You are the first of the testers to choose it. This fluid allows you to take the form of anything you want relating to the setting." As the voice explained this, the slime covered the last of me, and then seemed to sink into my skin. It wasn't painful, it was just weird.

Then out of no where, a giant lion rises from the ground and runs toward me. I thought this was the safe zone! Just before I could curl up into a ball and cry for my mommy, my mind seemed to be thinking "ball", and then I turned into a cannonball. The lion stopped in it's tracks and looked at the cannonball. As soon as it got close enough, I went boom and shot his head off. Just as I landed I turned back. That was probably the most awesome thing I have ever done.

"Good." The voice said. "Player 2 is now ready, the game will begin in 3.... 2...."


The End

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