The Game Master

A boy is transformed into a video game character :)


My Name is Darrian. That is the only thing i remember waking up. I looked at my arms, i was wearing a sort of suit covered in blue lights. It reminded me of a movie about a guy on a blue motorcycle and made me smile. I looked up and i saw the words "World One" In flashing blue lights. Beside the words was a portal. I seemed to be in a world full of circuts and light bulbs. A sign nearby said this was a "Safe Zone" and reminded me to restock on ammo. Ammo for what? 

I noticed i didn't remember anything about me exept for my past. Though for some reason all memory of the outside world, execpt parts that pertained to me still remained. Curious. 

I started walking towards the Portal that i assumed would take me to someone that understood what the hell was going on. When i saw a robot start wheeling towards me. 

"Hello DARRIAN. Welcome to the Safe Zone .Would you like a tutorial?" it spoke in a robotic yet friendly voice. 

"Uhm, Yeah, Sure" I replied. I didn't quite remember where i was, but it seemed that maybe going along would help this. And the only way to accomplish this would be3 the tutorial. 

All of a sudden everything dissapeared, exept for the platform under me, in a mad blur of blue lights. Then a platform infront of me appeared

"In the Game, you can jump higher then the average human, try here." Said a voice from nowhere. 

I didn't want to try jumping, it seemed dangerous. But considereing everything was gone exept for the platform infront of me i guess i didn't have a choice. I jumped infront of me. 

"Good, considering you also seem to have the basics of walking down, lets go to the target range" Said the voice again. 

Everything went black and blue as i showed up in a new room. Infront of me was a target range, on a table was a cannon that had 2 ends on it. Strange. I moved my arm into the cannon and it grappled around it. I felt a trigger near my fingers. Sweet, i now had a weapon. 

In the room metal monsters started showing up everywhere. They looked like random video game characters. One was a Metroid from Metroid Prime, another was a Moblin from Legend of Zelda. I started shooting at them, watching as huge blasts of energy hit them, making them dissapear in a beep. 

"Excellent, Please stand by for your Player Two to join us." 

The End

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