The Game: Chapter Two: Five More Minutes

It wasn't a very entertaining game, just run, duck and jump, but the graphics were amazing for such an old computer.  Level one, he was in a tropical jungle...level two, he was in an old castle, level three was in a forest...As the levels went on, the more addicting it became.  At the beginning of the game as he read the instructions, he saw that the game had 150 levels total.  Determination took and clicked his mouse for him, pressing the arrows to dodge the swords of the knights at the castle, run away from the snakes in the jungle, and jumping over streams in the forest.  

Five minutes after he sat down, he reached the fourth level with a scrunched-up nose and furrowed eyebrows.  His mom hadn't come out of the change room yet, so he granted himself five more minutes.  

The End

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