The Game: Chapter One: The Ghost in the Machine

In an almost-deserted store, 15-year-old Davis Carmichael learns a valuable lesson about time management, and the true terrors of how people go mad under the influence of technology.

The store was almost empty as it neared closing time.  Davis Carmichael was wandering around as he waited for his mom to finish changing in the dressing rooms, thinking, "Man, that woman can shop!"  She had chosen five dresses, three shirts, two skirts and at least a dozen pairs of jeans.  In his 15-year-old opinion, all of the jeans looked identical, but no, no!  These ones had bedazzling on the back pockets, and these ones were faded slightly, and...whatever.

He had just passed the toys and books, when he spotted an old-looking computer randomly on a desk.  He usually saw, well, newer reference computers...this one looked ancient.  It had the letters IBM on the monitor, and the three letters drifted along the screen.  Suddenly, as he walked closer to it and examining it further, the screen vibrated and turned on.

"H-ell-o, D-aah-vis," a robotic voice chattered, the words typing out on the screen as it spoke.  "W-ould y-ou l-like t-to play a g-game?"  

"Sure, why not?" Davis asked himself, taking his hands out of his pockets and pulling up a lawn chair from a nearby display.   "I can play for five minutes."  

The End

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