Meanwhile, in the Blue Sector . . .


The rocks were large and rough, but slippery with algae and kelp, yet they gave enough shelter to hide in the shadow of in place of trees, since there was hardly any large plants. Much of the Blue Sector was miles of water life, so the rest of the land around there were mountains of rock filled with large holes that were big caves connected by more rocky bridges. Weston rarely went there, preferring the Light Sector, since its landscape was much more suited to his skills, but apparently, even Elian didn’t like it either.

“It’s a really bad idea to hide in a cave because of that snake,” Elian muttered. “We almost got trapped by it.”

“Keep quiet, I heard snakes can pick up on your scent,” Weston muttered.

“Man, why do we get stuck here?” gasped Elian. “Not to mention, doesn’t it feel cold? It’s really cold. And hot at the same time.”

“At this rate, we’re gonna dry up and get sunburns,” Weston mumbled. He peered over the edge of the rock. Carter was nowhere in sight.

“Elian, does your Gladiator weapon have an attribute for itself?” he asked.

Elian blinked at him. “Why are you asking about mine?”

“Spector’s attribute is light, so I could manipulate lightning,” said Weston. “What’s yours?”

“Um . . . I don’t really wanna tell you,” Elian mumbled.

“We have to be able to beat Carter, you know,” said Weston. “Otherwise, we won’t be able to stop him from rampaging.”

“We could wait for Astrid and that Mikey guy, too,” Elian protested. “I mean, they’re somewhere here, right? We just somehow got split from them, they’re bound to notice.”

“Idiot, what if they go off somewhere farther than where we really are?” Weston huffed. “What’s your attribute?”

Elian scowled. “You’re just going to laugh and say that it’s a girly ability.”

Weston frowned back at him.

Finally, Elian gave in, and, not looking at Weston, mumbled, “Plants. I can grow and manipulate them. I can manipulate plants better if they’re the kinds that bloom flowers. I guess it’s thanks to them that I’m only at Level 30.”

Elian glanced back up, to see that Weston looked at him sympathetically.

“Flowers, huh?” Weston mumbled. “Which means your close attribute is the earth, which in turn means you could have the advantage in the Yellow Sector . . . but compared to us, you’re pretty far off from the target level.”

“Don’t give me that face! That’s why I didn’t want to tell you!” Elian grumbled. “If it’s not someone laughing about how girly my ability is, it’s that they give me this look that says, ‘I’m sorry that you got a girly ability.’”

Weston frowned. “You’re surprisingly feeble for a guy who just impressed Zack in shooting ability.”

“Shooting arrows is just about the only thing I practice as a Gladiator, but it’s not helpful enough when I don’t use my abilities,” said Elian. “Here, I don’t have much of an advantage. I don’t really have anything in the Blue Sector.”

“Darn, that means Carter has an advantage over us, with this place being his home turf,” Weston grumbled.

“Say, if you electrocuted the water, what would happen?” asked Elian.

“Everyone is kicked out of the game, and a huge bug arises,” said Weston. “So I think it’s better if I don’t try that out. I don’t actually know, because I guess what happens is what happens if I did the same thing in real life.”

A shadow appeared overhead.

“Darn, he’s here, isn’t he?” asked Weston.

Moving fast, the two sprang out of their hole before a huge, almost transparent, beast crashed its snout against the ground in front of them.

Elian yelped and slipped on a rock as he went, but before he could land on what looked like a sharp rock that would probably give him a shocking pain, Weston caught him and half-lifted him before darting away a few meters from the serpent.

“Whoa, you can carry me?” Elian yelped as he was plopped onto his own feet.

“You’ve got pretty horrible balance, I gotta say,” Weston snorted.

“Well, yeah . . . sorry, my sense of balance isn’t really that good, that’s why I don’t come here that often,” said Elian. “If I have to show up at the Blue Sector, I always fall into the water.”

The serpent hissed at them, reminding them that it was still there. Its body was probably a hundred or so feet long, and was definitely going to be a sight to see for other Gladiators who were hanging out in the Blue Sector. Made completely of water, it was see-through, except for when it moved, which was when its transparency became more blurry.

“I almost lost hope of where to find you guys,” said Carter’s voice, coming from the snake, and he stepped out of it, completely dry despite the fact that the snake was made out of water. “Let’s keep having fun, shall we?”

A mad grin on his face, Carter waved his hand and the serpent slithered straight towards them.

In desperation, Elian nocked an arrow into his bow and fired it at the snake, who just simply absorbed it, though it froze a bit, wincing characteristically like a real serpent would have if the arrow really struck it.

“Idiot, you already tried that before, don’t do it again!” Weston yelled. “Run!” He turned and sprang lightly onto a higher rocky ledge.

“I’m not gonna get away as fast as you, you know, because, like you said, I’m horrible with balance!” Elian yelled back, clambering after him

The snake caught up, and Weston turned to check on Elian, who was was slowly catching up, but failing.

Weston doubled back and shot past Elian, then jabbed his dagger through the snake as it came towards them. Then let go a shock of electricity.

“Weston, what are you doing?!” Elian yelled.

“Back me up!”

The snake hissed, and dispelled itself, the whole form of water collapsing and creating waves, and Carter staggered backwards from his snake’s form.

Weston sprang backwards a bit, then attacked Carter again, jumping forwards, determined not to let Carter get his balance back.

Carter raised his crossbow, blocking each and every fast movement Weston used in an attempt to stab him.

Elian watched in amazement before he nocked an arrow through his bow.

As Carter struggled to get back his balance as Weston tried hard to faze him, Elian took his aim, looking for an opening.

Then he saw one, when Weston managed to catch hold of Carter’s crossbow, entangling it with his daggers to try to disarm him.

Carter suddenly smirked, and forcefully twisted the crossbow, causing Weston to tip out of balance.

An arrow stabbed him in the back and he burst into a cloud of tiny digits.

“Weston!” Elian yelped, pale. “Wait - Carter, you weren’t-”

“Don’t act familiar with me,” said Carter in a low voice, suddenly appearing behind him back like a shadow, and a pain shocked him from behind.

The End

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