Battlefields are landscapes of battle that Gladiators venture in, and had a choice of whether to battle the next person they run into or to befriend them. Well – the choice depended on the Gladiator.

Or it could be used as an arena, as well. Though instead of being in front of an audience, the Gladiators could plot sneak attacks or use the landscape to their advantage.

All battlefields were divided into six sectors: Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Light, Dark.

The battlefield of ruins was a place Zack recognized as a part of the Dark Sector, which always seemed to carry the aura of doom. It wasn't the most popular Sector(the one with the most Gladiators dropping in through the portals, if he recalled rightly, was the Light Sector, which was also of historical buildings, but more majestic and welcoming than its opposite, the Dark Sector) because of its theme of destruction. Still, it was the most interesting place to visit, especially to Zack.

He turned in the direction of the owner of the voice, who was perched on a fallen stone slab that probably used to be a tall wall, looking at him. Zack recognized Chris, thanks to his blond hair, and the blue eyes; ever since he met this guy and Astrid, and all the while he'd Gladiated her, he was pretty aware that the man was keeping an eye on him.

His appearance here, in a dark purple cloak and what looked like dark red leather armor, made him look eerie, anyway.

“Who are you?” Zack asked.

“Chris Hunter,” said Chris. “I was sure that Mikey told you my name already.”

“Names don't tell your real identities, unless you're supposed to be famous,” said Zack. “Okay, then, so what exactly are you, Chris? Last time I saw you, you were pretty friendly with my brother. But then you disappeared after that.”

Chris stood up. “Well, you know who Garrett is. Or is Garrett the only Gladiator you know who's famous?”

“No, I knew a bunch of others, too,” said Zack.

Chris smiled. “I guess its understandable that you don't know me. Even to the people I've attacked, I usually hide my face from them. With a mask.”

“'Attacked'? What do you mean by that?”

“I just did it. To you. You didn't seem to have noticed, though. It's your shadow.”

Zack looked at his own shadow, cast onto the ground by leaping flames around them. Speaking of which, he was beginning to feel warmer because of the surroundings.

But something to do with shadows, huh? He vaguely remembered a rumour of something with a man and a shadow, who was considered to be the Grim Reaper or something of the Gladiators' Dark Sector. That was one of the reasons why hardly anyone dared come here, except maybe those few who were battling not far from where they were, or those who had some nerve to walk among ruined lands.

Zack couldn't rack it out of his head, though, so he turned to another question that bugged him.

“And why aren't you hiding your face from me now?”

“Simply because I'd like you to be an exception,” said Chris. “There are a bunch of people who know me without my mask, so it's nothing. Your brother, included. Mikey, too.”

“So – what? You're a criminal or something?” asked Zack.

“Just someone toying around with the game,” said Chris. “Would it be bad if you Gladiated me right now?”

“I don't have a reason to,” said Zack. “Gladly, some other time, but not now.”

Chris pulled out a key that extended into a bow, and Zack barely moved until his bag of doughnuts flew from his hands and disappeared abong the ruins. Really far among the ruins and out of sight.

“Okay, then I've given you a reason to,” said Chris, and the bow morphed into a sword. “Whoever finds your doughnuts first gets to eat them. How's that?”

“If you were hungry, you might as well buy your own lunch. You're a guy with a job, and a paycheck, aren't you?” Zack growled, feeling a pang of irritation.

“Free meals are what crows pick up, kid,” said Chris. He grinned. “Well, I'm not a crow, though.”

The End

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