Zack watched as his avatar on the online version of Gladiators won a battle he'd incited with a few others.

Late at night, he'd been unable to sleep, anxiously anticipating when the games would begin.

In two weeks time? And he had to reach Level 65 by then.

He shut off the holotop and fell back against his bed. A few minutes later, he rolled off and trooped out into the kitchen for snacks, turning the television on as he passed the living room. Sky wasn't home yet, so he had everything to himself. He was used to living alone in a house already; that lawyer who adopted him when Sky went out on his own to survive beyond the Meteor Hole was always busy with work, and Zack often had an entire mansion to himself.

Not that he was allowed to live richly; that lawyer, Ronan Hemmings, was pretty strict with his spending and allowance that the only things Zack was now comfortable with splurging on was his technology stuff(by that, managing his identity as the hacker Zachariah) and doughnuts.

Mainly doughnuts.

He supposed it would be Sky handing him his allowance, now that he was living in Redwall.

Zack turned on the lights of the kitchen and pulled out ham, bread, cheese, slapped a combination of them into a triple-deck sandwich, then scorched it in a pan until the cheese melted before taking it out back to the living room to the television.

There wasn't anything much on television right now; a few movies, a documentary channel, a soap opera-

I'm bored!” Zack kicked back in irritation, and switched the channel to the soap opera after going through all the channels in three rounds before realizing that his sandwich's cheese was dripping off the side of the bread.

The window had been left open, for Gates to fly out of when he wanted to, because the eagle was a free-spirit and who knows when he might begin to feel trapped in the living room. Right now, though, Gates was dozing in the corner of the living room on his stand, away from the television.

After eating his snack, he lay down on the couch to continue watching the show, and didn't notice when he doze off.

That is, until he woke up in what appeared to be a large hall that reached a hundred or two feet above him, made of gray marble and concrete with large windows.

He was lying on some steps, because the moment he got up, he was rolling down them. The pain of falling down marble stone was enough to make him wake up.

You finally rouse yourself,” said a voice, and Zack sprang to his feet, turning to who it was.

And stared.

Sawyer Axelrod.

Oh, joy.

The End

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