Paper Patch

Carter sat in his seat for a while, listening to their footsteps. Finally, he sighed, “Good riddance.”

Then he reached for a drawer at his desk and pulled out a small cube shape. One one side had the letters EAS. He connected it to his computer and slipped on a wireless earpiece in one ear. The other ear was free so he could listen out for noise.

For a moment, there was the sound of a ridiculously cheerful song that would no doubt fit the mood of a festival, throughout which Carter scowled at, before there was a buzz on the line.

A calm, level voice came on. “State your code,” it said.

“Paper patch,” said Carter.

There was a pause before the voice sighed in relief. “You took a while. Why didn't you report sooner?”

“Well, yeah, apologise to the higher ups for me,” said Carter. “I didn't think the Director had a trump card. But it should've been obvious in the first place, with his brother not revealing the fact that he is Zachariah Kagan, a renown hacker in the underground. I should have realized that it's got something to do with the Synchron connection otherwise, I would have taken more precautions. I mean, they friggin' bought a new holotop for Zack right after he left the hospital! And-”

“But we got what we wanted, so that's all for now,” said the voice. “And also, if you're shouting, remember that you're still at the Synchron Organization.”

Carter snorted. “Pfft. They trust me, so they won't be loitering here. Though I hope that's going to be the case with Zack, because when there's work shift on, I can't concentrate on coding my reports or reporting in what I've got because he's hanging around me. I don't think I can report to you that much either, if he knows how to read codes, too.”

“Right, that's okay. Take your time. You don't look like you need to rush there, anyway.”

“And the rest of the pawns who were beat up here?”

“Uh – we'll leave them there. Not like they were strong enough to enter the Games like we are, anyway. Say, at that time you told everyone to split, you let Dekker rush past you, right?”

“Ugh. Where's Dekker? Did he get out? Or do I have to escort him out. I don't think I need to worry about Sawyer.”

“Sawyer – no worries. Dekker – escort him, please. He's hidden himself in an air vent, and he's been waiting for you to report so I could tell you to get him out.”

“Oh, for god's sake. That guy always forgets the rules.”

“He wanted to get into Zack's way, but ended up fighting the ninja guy.” The voice on the other line chuckled. The ninja guy, Weston, ran off and left him alone, so he decided to hide."

Carter sighed. “Right, I'll get him out. And Elian, you mentioned to me after the explosion that you met Zack, right?”

Elian McGregor laughed on the earpiece. “Yeah. I'll be sticking to him to find out what this guy really is.  I'll keep an eye on the younger brother and get among them as their friends. You watch Sky; seeing how he does things, how he moved the selections up to two weeks from now, he might be planning things out, and you're close to his right-hands, so you can leak things from Madison Levy.”

“Will do,” said Carter. “As a spy of Euphoria, I'll do my job just fine.”

The End

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