Interruption Along The Way

“I think you're dreaming!” Astrid called, pulling a cap out of her pocket and slapping it onto her head. It was large and floppy, and only covered the top half of her hair.

“What is that? That blue hair!” Weston demanded.

“Oh, wait, where's Carter?” Zack demanded.

“Keep running to Sky's office! Or we'll be late!” Astrid yelled.

Zack and Weston both shut up and continued running.

They were running through a corridor after leaving the stairs that a shadow appeared and and there was a flash of gold.

Zack gasped, recognizing the same person from the stairs who tried to attack them.

Weston intercepted their attacker and rammed him into the wall. “You two move, I'll hold him off!”

Reluctantly, they obeyed.

“I thought it would be Zack Kagan who would attack me, but he didn't,” said this stranger. “Did he make you fight for him?”

“I'm sorry, I choose who I want to fight,” said Weston, and sprang off. “By the way, if you're another Euphoria member, I'll let you know, I'm not going to go easy on you.”

“Then I'll tell you, that I am one of Euphoria,” said the stranger. Now, Weston could see what he looked like, thanks to the fact that the corridors to Sky's office were alighted.

The stranger had black spiky hair and gray eyes, and wrote something like a black combat suit, if it weren't for the fact that the “combat suit” having a furry collar and no armor. The whole thing fitted tightly over his thin body.

Well, something strange came up again, this is Synchron's world, Weston thought. I need to get used to this.

“I heard you've got a lot of responsibilities,” said the stranger. “If possible, I'd like to follow in after my superior, Blackray: as in, no violence. How about joining Euphoria?”

Weston stared at him. “Huh?”

“Well, you'd fit in. I heard you were a Keeper, and Keepers always have to do plenty of things to keep the Domes they're in charge of under control. With your skills, you could be respected in Euphoria.”

Weston continued to stare at the stranger. Now that he thought about it, this guy was actually also probably fourteen years old. The same age as he was.

“And you're a ninja, and a prodigy among your family, to the point that you're always respected there, and you're also on your way to be the head of your family. You'll be the heir of the Ingram family, right?” The stranger continued.

“Are you playing with me?” Weston asked. “Is this like a game to you, kid?”

At that, the stranger looked at him, startled.

In a biting tone, Weston continued, “If you could have done some more investigations on me, you'd know that for as long as I live, I don't think I will join a group that forces people to do something with the aid of Gladiators. I mean, I don't like people fighting using Gladiators weapons, just because it boosts you with power.”

“I actually already knew your answer,” said the stranger, laughing. “Too bad, though. You could have gotten stronger if you came.”

“If you knew that, then don't even waste my precious seconds where I could be going with my friends to Sky's office, rather than talking to you!” Weston attacked his opponent with an arc of lightning – just as a crash resonated and shook down the corridor.

“What the-?” he gasped, as the two of them almost tripped over themselves. Unable to keep still, feeling worried, Weston started off along the corridor. “Get lost!” he yelled after the stranger.

When he came along the corridor where Sky's office would be, he could see a hole through the metal double-sliding electronic doors with red-hot edges.

The End

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