Towards the Sky

And right away ran into a girl who was exiting the building with some packages, knocking her over as he charged through the door.

"Sorry, so sorry!" he yelped, skirting around her. He turned and dashed off towards a corridor at the far end of the hallways. Jeez, he was running into people a lot today.

"Hold on a minute, you!" The girl was right at him - and she pounced onto his back, sending him towards the ground and landing flat. "Gotcha!"

"Ow! Sorry about knocking you over! I didn't see you!"

"Then why were you running?" she demanded.

"Just - uh - getting tired of bothering other people?"

"You'll bother us more by trying to run away as if you've stolen something from them," the girl snapped. "Why's an intruder here?"

Oh, I'll be thrown out again, right? Zack thought.

The girl studied him with a frown, then looked straight at him in the eye. For a moment, it seemed like they were having a staring contest. Then she said, "You should take the lift to the fiftieth floor, take a straight down the corridor in front of you, then turn into the first left. Continue on straight there, and you'll meet your brother. Later." That last word she said with much emphasis before turning on her heel and running out of the building, scooping the packages she had been carrying on the way.

Zack blinked after her. "Uh - thanks," he muttered to no one in particular, then walked on. It was only when he got into the lift and punched the button to the fiftieth floor that he fully realized what she actually said.

Your brother, was what she'd said.

How did she know he was looking for his brother?

Well - now that he was on a lift, he may as well follow her directions and see where it led to.

Lift to the fiftieth floor, straight down on the corridor in front, then into the first left. Continue straight.

With a frown, he followed it.

And came out into a passage with glass walls that looked out towards the city. Zack froze in surprise to see the open air and the landscape of buildings and scattered skyscraper sides and tops before remembering the dome that hung suspended in midair between the three towers.

He ran on through the corridors until a metal door barred his way, took a second to open, and he burst in.

The arena was just a simple colosseum, with a huge flat black glass-like floor as the battlefield. There was no audience, but he was sure there were a few people who were watching the arena. He didn't observe them because his eye caught sight of a figure standing in the center of the arena.

The figure was a tall man dressed in black and purple ensemble, but engulfed in more dark shadows, like auras circling around him. And on his back were black wings.

A human incarnation of a black angel, it looked like. Although the clothes were far too modern for an angel.

And then Zack realized that it was his older brother, Sky, and in his Gladiators' avatar form, called Lunar.

And that there were two Skys.

Wait, was he seeing things?

"How may I help you?" asked a voice, a young woman approaching him.

Oh, here comes another person who would probably be willing to kick him out if Sky or his copy doesn't catch sight of him in time.

The End

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