the City of Games

Thirty minutes later, he looked down again, in time to see his plane turning towards a large city built in the middle of water. He sat up immediately.

The headquarters of the virtual reality game's creators, the Synchron Organization. It was actually a huge artificial island built in the middle of the ocean, done by Gladiators' technology with the "virtual connection", which was called Synchron. It was also with Synchron that powered up the city's electricity, although where the power came from, the company never mentioned.

Redwall. The city that represented the gaming industry, where several Gladiators lived, and where there was more opportunity to enter the virtual world of Gladiators whenever he wanted to.

The plane finally soon landed and Zack went a wave of relieve as he saw tarmac run below the window. And then it stopped.

Finally! No more wrestling the motion sickness he was fighting.

"Hey, kid, you left your bag behind!" yelled the flight attendant as Zack dizzily walked down the gangway one step at a time while rubbing his forehead.

He whirled around and clambered back to the doorway. "Thanks! Thanks a lot, sir!" He took his pack gratefully and ran out.

Thirty minutes later between checking himself in as an immigrant and finding his way out of the huge maze of an airport, he got out into the warm street where the air felt a touch salty. Well, it was in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Water would surround the city.

The next task he had to do now was find his way to the main headquarters of the Synchron Organization, somewhere in the city. Sky would be somewhere here, waiting for him. Unfortunately, Sky had given him an excuse of not being able to pick him up; his brother was apparently busy as always.

So that meant looking around the city on his own.

But that wasn't a problem; it was an opportunity to tour the city anyway, though he figured he may get lost by the time the sun would go down.

Zack frowned at the sky, then pulled out his phone. I should just go look for Sky instead of wander around.

He was too busy looking at the satellite map of Redwall he didn't notice anyone around him until he ran into someone.

"Ow!" he yelped, then froze, seeing that the stranger, who was also apparently distracted, seemed slightly disoriented as they looked at each other.

"Sorry, I didn't see you there," he gasped, wincing in surprise as the stranger's height; the stranger was just a foot taller than him, and had dark auburn hair and strange eyes. Well - the eyes were strange, for some reason. He couldn't figure out why it made him feel threatened, even though the stranger didn't look that way.

But he figured that after a short apology, it would be better to flee before the Red-Head really picked up that threat and turned it onto him.

And flee he did, going around Red-Head as he hurried off down the road.

A pulsing feeling caught at him as if a hook had latched onto him out of nowhere and he whirled around in surprise to the stranger. But if Red-Head noticed, he didn't let on as he continued walking like nothing happened.

Zack turned and hurried off before realizing why it seemed strange.

That person's eyes were violet. Like dark purple fire hidden inside.

Zack now noticed that, latched to Red-Head's back, was a sword sheathed in large long black scabbard.

A Gladiator.

The End

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