Zack Kagan slumped backwards in his airplane seat after leaving the game of Gladiators, a feeling a wave of dizziness going through his head. He attempted to glance out of the window to his left. The sight of the dark blue ocean moving below him made the headache worse.

No wonder he'd gone into the wrong arena like a doofus; motion sickness had crept up on him again.

With a groan, he leaned back and ordered ginger tea from a passing flight attendant. They say ginger helps with motion sickness. Now was the best time to see if that works.

When he got his drink, he returned to his laptop and logged back into Gladiators. His avatar's name, Galadhar, showed up in one corner, in bright blue, representing his attribute of the Sky.

Embarrassing, he thought as he wondered how the player by the name of Dragos must be feeling right about now. Maybe he was enraged. That's really bad.

Not that there was anything Dragos could do to him, since they were both online gamers, and they had never met before. Maybe one day, they might meet, since they were both also rising identities in the gaming world; Dragos was rumored to have reached Level 30 in Gladiators in just three months since he first signed into the online game. Zack, with his avatar's name Galadhar, had reached Level 30 at the same time, but just he was only at four months since first joining the game, though recently, his rise in rank was starting to be hindered by several more players determined to take him down. And Dragos may very well soon replace Zack's reputation as the fastest rising gamer.

Not that Zack ever cared about reputation. But he was definitely determined for one thing: to be at Level 100 in two more months before Dragos reached it, and to get into the Rank levels, which is the next one hundred levels that he would have to pass, and also where he knew several more stronger gamers would be found.

He wanted to Gladiate against all those stronger Gladiators.

Gladiators was famous all over the world as a role-play game online. All players begin as Level 1, where they had to enter with their real names first, and fight another Level 1 player. The winner would only then move to Level 2, when they would be free to choose out of a list of avatars whose identity they would roleplay throughout the game, and from there, adopt the character and its name.

But that wasn't what Gladiators was special for. It was because it had two versions of itself: as an online browser game; and as the world's first virtual reality game. It was the fact that it was virtual reality that made it pretty famous. Actually, it began as a virtual reality game; it was only in its first year going onto the computer.

Through Gladiators' breakthrough as a game, the world began to adapt to it, and was somehow able to survive with just a "virtual connection", in other words, a connection that would somehow exist by passing through anything that carried electricity, in other words, the whole world.

There were two stages in Gladiators: Levels and Ranks. Levels consisted of more common Gladiators, beginning with those from Level 2 all the way to Level 100. Beyond Level 100 were the Ranks, who were gamers able to surpass 100, and here were rare Gladiators who were considered stronger.

Zack wanted to reach the Ranks. Having Gladiated(as Gladiators' world called fighting other players) in the virtual reality world himself, his level was different from the online game, since both were two different world. In the virtual reality world of Gladiators, he was at Level 49. Just a little more, and he'd be at Level 50 and halfway through his goal.

He'd spent about four years to reach that level, compared to how fast he got through the online game. Real people as Gladiators are far more harder to beat than online games.

Zack felt another wave of dizziness again. Does ginger really work against motion sickness?

The End

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