the gameMature

this game with no one to blame...

acting like you hate me

throwing her at me like i couldnt see its game

but shes nothing but a contract

to try and attack my battle ship

quite insane how we lerk around corners

with our forbidden love, love acting like were not yerning for eachothers touch

didnt get black jack i hit to much

but ive thrown her dice

shooken her up but this is just life

im the one with the monopoly to his heart

moment he stop texting you his with me

not thinking of you

wanting kids of three

im sorry....

your in candy land!  you just got stuck on a licorice space

make haste, cause you don't have a turn

i'm going to deteriorate your plan , like you did to me and him  

I cant take this no more, i'm fill to the brim

I have to take a stand!

when he's with me, saying he misses us,  or when were having sex hard core

hopefully you can connect fore

I will win this game of chutes and ladders

to him you don't matter......

The End

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