Getting the NoteMature

A girl named Jenny wakes us and finds a note on her bed. From then on her life changes...

Someone was in the house.

Jenny's alarm woke her up. She rolled over to give her husband a little early morning suprise, but she was the one suprised when she saw that he wasn't in bed next to her. In his place was a very well written note. It said:

My dear Jenny,
I've been keeping an eye on you. It seems you don't pay attention to your husband, your children, or your family. Tsk tsk. You go out every night and party, you get drunk, and then you cheat on your husband. But what you seem to forget is family always comes first. ALWAYS. Now we'll see how much you really care about your family. Your husband and 3 children are safe, but whether or not they will be living by the end of this is your choice. And your first choice starts now. At 9:00 ( I know you always wake up at 7) I will kill your family, but you will be unharmed. If you are the selfish bitch I assume you to be just stay in your room. By 9 the game will be over and you'll walk free. BUT, if you really do care about your family, go and help them, SAVE THEM. If you walk out of your bedroom door the game has begun.
Good luck.


The End

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