Just A FantasyMature

I turned away from Alex, staring into the darkness, letting silent tears fall.

Eveline had Alkali to help her break free from Alex. She had love on her side. Something I didn't. I wiped the tears away, sighing. I began to imagine the perfect guy for me. I giggled at the image tat formed in my mind. When the picture had done, I looked at it thoughtfully.

Maybe he's real. Maybe not. Maybe just...a fantasy.

He would be a little taller than me. He would have rufffled casual black hair, sticking all over the place. He would have these deep, cloudy blue eyes that gave you courage, and those eyes would be rimmed by long eyelashes, a little like a girls. He would be pale as new snow, and his lips would be a light pinkish colour. A gleaming white smile. He would know about, or be, one of the Galaxy's, so he would know bout us. He would be strong, couragous, proud, but also shy, sensative and romatic. And he would hold out his hand for me to take, and smiled reassuringly.

I sighed. Just a fantasy.

"You ok, Amethyst?"



"I was thinking, you had Alkali, but who do I have? No one. I wa dreaming of the perfect guy for me..."

"Ooooh, what's he like???" I giggled internally, and sent the picture though. I got out of bed, and looked up. A single orb of light floated down. I caught it in cupped hands. I kissed the glowing light. The last piece of light in the birthplace of the Guardian.

"Go out, go out, find this boy, if he is real." I whispered. It floated straight ahead, an dissapeared, leaving an image of a tiny room. A bedroom. I rran towards it. I ran and ran, when...

"Ekkkk!!! Amethyst???" asked a sleepy voice.

"Eveline!!!" I cried, running to her, into her arms. I let the tears flow. I may not have my fantasy boy, but I had my family. The galaxy's and the Guardian were my true family. And now Alex can't get me, I thought as I threw away the green contacts.

"Nice eyes." giggled Eveline. I just grinned, thinking that my parents would kill me.

The End

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