Amethyst: Decite, Lust, and a PlanMature

I opened my eyes. Alex was still gone. I stood up. I walked back to the mirror. I looked at myself. Soft music filled the room, like water filling a cup. I listened while looking in the mirror. I smiled, and watched the black strecks dissapear. Then, I watched as the colour of my one green eye change. To a green mixed with blue, then to a crystal clear blue. "What...?" I whispered.

I dropped to my knees, and watched my eyes change again. One was crystal blue, the other Alex green. I clenched my fists, and looked again. I growled. White irises, both green, both blue, both purple, then...they stopped. And what I saw was good. A very light purple, almost fading into blue. A few streaks of amethyst purple here, and a few of crystal blue there.

I began to think. Lust. He couldn't feel love, just lust. I no longer loved him. But I could act like I could. Decite. Acting, I could get him to believe my eyes were just being...strange. I looked round the room. "This plaace didn't used to be dark, did it? It used to be light. The birthplace of the Guardian. Help me now." I whispered. Slowly, a tiny box came into veiw. I opened it. Contacts. Alex green. I put them in, whispering a quiet thank you. I pulled my hair loose, and shook it out, smiling. I turned, to see Alex. I rushed to him, seeing blood.

"What's going on?" I demanded. He smiled.

"Nothing, nothing." he said, dismissing it. He looked into my eyes. "Your eyes are lookin beautiful."

"Whatever." I smiled wickedly, and licked the blood from his chin, to his cheek, then into his mouth. "Mmm." He mumbled.

"I wanna go to that world. Take me, will you?"

"Tomorrow, maybe. Goodnight." he muttered, and two beds appeared. I smiled, kissed him, and laid down.

"She has been changed. I can see her eyes. The same as him."

"Changed, have I? Pfft, contacts."

"Amethyst?!?! How??"

"Decite, Lust, and a Plan." I smiled. She grinned back.

"When I get back, I want to talk about everything. How we died before, why, and who Alex really is. And by the way...You know the X.B.?"


"I think he puts blood into it. I'm going now. Night."


With that, I closed the link. I gave a 'hhmmph', and my clothes began to change. White corset top with black ribbon, and black skirt. I got out of bed, and danced around a bit. Alex got up, and ushered me back to my bed. I pushed it right next to his, and slid my hand into his as we fell to sleep.

The End

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