Eveline: DeathMature

"Hey, Eveline" Alex says smiling.

"Go to hell and return Amethyst" I hiss. I feel my whole body tense and so does Alkali's but putting me behind him.

"Hm, so thats the Galaxy for your past three lifrtimes you've been dating" Alex says raising an eyebrow. I blush and look at Alkali but he just stands protectively in front staring at Alex with hatred.

"Did you tell him how he died the last time?" Alex says smiling. I flinch and Alkali looks at me confused. "Obviously no-"

He doesn't get any further my fist comes hard across his face. Alex stumble.

I turn and kick my heel connecting with his chest throwing him back.

"I learn from my mistakes Alex.... you don't seem to" I hiss. He smiles getting to his feet.

He wipes a hand across his mouth looking at the blood and smiling.

"Eveline..." Alkali places a hand on my shoulder. I look at him and sigh.

"Leave Alex before you get really hurt" I say.

Alex smiles then vanishes back into the shadows. I turn and cling to Alkali.

He wraps his arms around me begining to stroke my hair.

"How did I die last time Eveline?" he whispers.

"I don't think you should know" I whisper.

"I want to know" I look up and see the pain in his eyes.

"You died slowly....... we were fighting a man called Sashon and we beat him but...... all of the others died from overload. Sashon with his final breath tried to wound me throwing a large ice spear at me but........... you jumped in front. It went straight through you and I had to watch you die as you sufficated on your own blood" I feel a tear slide down my cheek.

Alkali stares at me shocked and I see the fear as he relives the memory in his mind. "You died next to me" he whispers.

I nod. "Once all the Galxy's die I do. So I felt your pain as you died..... I felt each of your pains. When one of you died I felt it"

Alkali kisses me and I'm slightly shocked its so sudden but then its a welcomed relief.

He pulls back. "We should continue searching" he whispers against my lips. I nod and he takes my hand but I make his arm sort of go round my shoulder.

The End

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