Alkali: A meetingMature

As Eveline and I searched city , our school , and residental area's we still turned up nothing. 

" Can't you feel his presence? That's how you found us here, right?" I asked

" I can feel that he his here but I don't know exactly here." She replied.

" Oh. I wish my powers were more useful for this. Even if I sped time up it won't help." I said looking on the ground.

We continued to walk until we took a righ at this industrial complex. I doubted we would find a galaxy to be here but you never know.  The complex was full of chemical contianers, smoke stacks, and warehouses.

" What if Alex got to the other galaxy before us?" I ask

" That would be troublesome, but the instincts to protect me may overide any brainwashing Alex could give him." She says

" Would the same go for Amethyst?" I ask 

Eveline looked away for a split second.

" Yes but with consequences that may hurt her."

I turn to look behind me to see something abnormal. Behind a mesh fence a dark rip in the fabric I guess I would call it space , and time , opened. Inside the rip stood a figure with dark hair with it slightly spiked walked through.

" Eveline look." I say quietly tapping her shoulder and pointing at the figure , " Who is that?" I ask.

"Alex." she said with anger.



The End

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