June: MarieMature

I knew where to start looking for Marie, I don't know how but I just did.  I ran to the bus stop and sure enough there she was with her friend, I think his name is Jase.  I wasn't surehow to do this so I went for the blunt approach and walked straight up to them.

'Hey Marie.'  She turned to look at me, confused.  'You probably don't recognise me.  I'm June, I'm in your year at school, we have English together.'  Recognition lit up her face.

'Oh yeah of course, hey June.'  I looked at Jase.  How can I get her alone?

'I know this sounds really weird but would you mind helping me with that essay we've been set.  I really don't understand and I've no-one else to ask.'  She didn't look like she believed me but nodded, picked up her bag and walked off with me.

'So what is it you don't get about the essay?'  OK time to reveal the truth.

'This has nothing to do with the essay, I did that ages ago.  It's about Eveline.  We can't talk here, my place is just around the corner.'  I was surprised she stayed with me but she followed me into my house.  'Sit down, can I get you anything?'

'Tea would be nice.'  I went into the kitchen and made to mugs of tea and gave one to Marie who sipped it gingerly.  'So if this isn't about English what is it about?'

'You are part of a secret group of people called the Galaxies.'  It sounded so stupid as the words came out of my mouth.  'We were born to protect the Guardian, that's Eveline and right now she really needs you.'  Her face was blank.

'You're kidding me right?'

'I'm completely serious, we even have powers, see.'  I changed form into a sparrow and back again.  Marie's eyes were popping out of her head.

'Can I do that?'

'I don't think so but Eveline knows more about your powers than I do, I'm new to this aswell.  We should go and find her, are you ready?'

The End

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