Amethyst: TornMature

I stood there, his arms round me, gazing into the mirror at my eyes. I looked at Alex thoughtfully.

"Eveline said you're using me. That you felt nothing."

"She's wrong."


"You know I used you. You don't care. You are becoming dark, a little like me. Meaning this could be real; what we've got."

"Alex, if this is real, kiss me now. If it is fake, what you're saying, just take a step back." I said firmly, turning to him. He stopped, thinking. He stepped forwards, pushing his lips to mine. He teased his way into my mouth with his tounge, and I let him. He pulled back, leaning his forehead against mine. "Dance?" he whispered.

"Huh? Dance?" I queried. WTF?!?! my mind said.

He placed my hand on his shoulder, the other in his hand, and an eerie music filled the place. I began to laugh as he span me round. he music stopped and so did he. He fed me a little of the red stuff, and I used a finger to wipe a tiny bit of it up, licking my finger. We sat down, and I nibbled on a chuck of chocolate, but stowed it away, not wanting it. I took another sip of the vial. I gave a yawn.

"Tired?" He asked. I gave a sleepy nod. A small pillow appeared, and I laid on it, and began to let my eyes drift. Alex draped a blanket over me. He stroked my hair gently.

"Do you miss anyone?" He asked.

"No. I don't think so." I whispered. He gave me another vial, and I emptied it. "Listen, I'm going back to te other world for a while to get ingrediants for the X.B. I'll be back." he smiled, standing, leaving. I closed my eyes.

"He's most likely turned her by now." Eveline thought.

"He didn't turn me. I love him. But I'm torn. I feel like I must protect you, but I want to be with him. In this place. This ain't lust. This is love."


"Eveline. Stop this. I will come back. But on my own free will. Not because I have to protect you. Because I want to talk. You're my friend."

"Friends stick together."

"I know. But its hard to let go of love. You know how that feels. But you don't have to let go of love. You have Alkali! Trust me to fall for the bad boy. But I want both. To be your friend, but I love Alex. And I think he's starting to llove me back."

The End

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