Eveline: Getting back AmethsystMature

"Alex has Amethsyst in a place called the Dark World or Dark Realm either fits" I say simply.

"How do we get her back from there?" Alkali asks. "Where is this place?"

"It's not fixed but the problem is...... once in there your mind changes. The place consists of dark emotions like lust and greed. Amethsyst will have probably been already turned by Alex"

"So what can we do?" June asks.

"We need both the other Galaxy's..... problem is we only know of one still and that's Marie" I say.

"Can't we search for the other?" June says.

"He'll be sixteen and a boy I know that much.... also he's likely to go to our school and will deffinetly live in the city"

"Why do we need all of us?" Alkali asks.

"Because once we go in there all we can rely on is the bond that all the Galaxy's have to protect me..... It's strongest when you're all together" I say moving closer if that seemed possible from the way we were almost glued to each others side.

"So how will we find them both quick enough?" June says clearly slightly uncomfortable.

"You'll have to fetch Marie.... If I went we would have to play the Game and that would take to long. Use your powers to convice her.... turn in to a monkey or something change your looks, speed, knowledge just convice her. Me and Alkali will search for the final Galaxy"

June nods and leaves. I sigh.

"I'm not so sure if this will work" I mutter.

"I do, I believe in you Eveline" Alkali says. I look at him then stand up.

"Come on lets get searching"

The End

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