June: Why do I walk so slowly?!Mature

I walked as fast as I could towards the building Eveline had given me instructions for.  But no matter how fast I walked it wasn't fast enough.

Something had been going on while I was in lessons.  It was starting to bug me that I didn't have many lessons with any of the other Galaxies.  I hoped everyone was OK, Amethyst had been looking pretty rough the last time I saw her.

I broke into a run and I was flying, faster than I should have ever been able to run.  Was this part of my powers?

When I saw Eveline's building I slowed to a walk.  I hated stairs, they were always so tiring but today I flew up them and was knocking on the door before I knew it.  Alkali answered.  Something was horribly wrong.

'What's happened now?'  He ushered me inside looking outside before closing the door.

'Alex has Amethyst.'  No wonder he was so on edge, we had already lost one of the Galaxies.  I felt a rush of guilt flood through me, I shouldn't have left her.

Eveline was looking tired, sitting on the sofa with her head in her hands.  Alkali immediately sat next to her and I took the armchair opposite them.  His arm was placed comfortingly around her shoulder and I felt a slight pang of jealousy.  Not that I wanted Alkali, he wasn't my type, I just wanted to be like that with me.

'What can I do Eveline?  We need to get Amethyst back.'

The End

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