Amethyst: Green and Black and Purple.Mature

I opened my eyes, and groaned. Something was wrong. I sat up, very slowly, to see Alex sat beside me. He pushed a red vial into my hand. "Drink it if you want to live." he whispered glumly.

I tipped it back. It tasted a little salty, yet sweet. Like blood. I licked my lips. The one time I ha tasted blood was when I had been in a fight, and I had bit into a girl's arm, drawing blood. The bad thing was...I enjoyed the taste of blood.

"Where?" I asked. Alex shifted closer to me, slipping an arm round my waist, nd her flourished a hand.

"The Dark World, or the Dark Realm." he said softly. This place was large and echoy. The walls were black, and the floors were cold white. I smiled slightly, despite myself.

"You like this place, don't you?" asked Alex, sounding quite amused. I gave a nod. I did like it. It was quiet, and large, and...perfect. He handed me another vial. I drank it eagerly, licking my lips.

"Out of interest, what does it taste like?" he asked.

"Blood. Rich, thick blood." I told him slowly. He smiled, and gave a nod.

"This brings out the darkness in people. I live here. Join me?" he asked softly. I looked around, and gave a slight yawn. 2Have you got a mirror I coul borrow a sec?" I asked. One materialized out of no were.

"Cool." I chuckled, and looked in the mirror, patting my hair down. Alex stood behind me, and wrapped both arms round my waist, leaning his head on my shoulder. I touched one hand to his cheek.

"Things could be diffrent if you joined me." he whispered, turning me to face him. I smiled, turning back to the mirror. Alex came round, and brushed his lips close to mine. I shuddered in delight. I took in his scent. He smelt like camp fires, and spice. Yum. I took a bit of chocolate from my pocket, and nibbled on it slightly. Alex took a bit, and I giggled. He kissed me lightly, and turned to my back again, letting his long arms pull me in.

As i looked in the mirror, I admired my eyes, and so did he. One of my eyes was still dark purple. The other, were soft green, with lines of black coming out from the pupil. The green was the same as him. 

The End

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