Akali: ohMature

"Guys meet me at my apartment dew street block to 2 , top floor.there is only one apartment."

Ok I thought to my self I hoped everything was alright , but something told me it wasn't.  I wanted to find out , it nagged me throughout maths class ,and lunch. I hope they didn't have another run in with Alex. I haven't met the guy yet but i'm sure as hell going to give him a punch to remember. As I finished school I made my way to Eveline's place. It was part of town I wasn't quite familiar with , but somehow got there before June.  I knocked on the door. A few moments later she opened the door.

" Hey , What happened?" I ask.

" Alex took Amethyst. I won't go into detail until June comes." She says letting me in.

"Oh.", I said trying to cover up my surprise, " Okay".

She leads me into her living room.

"Do you want anything?" She asks

" I'm fine." I said still feeling sick from earlier I look out her window to see june walking on the road.

" June's looks like she'll be here in a sec." I said

The End

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