Eveline: Chemical X.BMature

What I have to, Amethsyst's thoughts tumbled through my head. Everyone was staring at me.

I had suddenly jumped up when Amethsyst had called me. I bared my teeth angrily then ran out the class room the teacher shouting out behind me.

I ran and ran. I ran to the park but he wasn't there. I span round till he suddenly appeared in front of me.

"Alex" I spat the name like it was poison.

"Eveline" he says bowing slightly. I walked up and shoved him making him stumble back but he looked calm.

"Where is she?" I hiss.

"Some where you can't go without my permission" he says smiling.

"Bring her out of there now" I hiss. "The dark world isn't good for any of the Galaxy's"

"What about you?" he asks smiling slightly.

"You know how that turned out" I hiss.

"Ah, I do Eveline you began to question your nature almost became like me...... but I still wonder how you are different now?" he says stepping closer.

"I don't harm innocent people or mess with there hearts" I say sternly. "I don't make them addicted to a chemical that is killing them slowly but will kill them if they just stop"

"Ah, chemical X.B is a marvolous creation of mine" he says smiling.

"Its not marvolous or anything close to the word its horrid, discusting, something that shouldn't exist" I say grinding my teeth. I knew I shouldn't get angry and at that moment I regretted coming alone.

I should have brought at least one of them...... but there had been no time.

"The only problem I find with X.B is that-" he pauses to pass a hand through my hair. "-It doesn't effect you"

Then with that he kisses me. I bring my fist hard hard across his face and he stumbles laughing as he turns to face me.

I get into a fighting stance and Alex shakes his head. "Not here, not today" he says. "I'll tell Amethsyst you said 'Hi'"

Then with that he disapears. I wipe the back of my hand across my mouth the red stuff covering it. I evaporate it with heat then turn on my heels.

Guys meet me at my apartment, Dew Street, Block 2, Top Floor, there's only one apartment.

I send the thought to June and Alkali. I'm not going back to school till I've calmed down.

The End

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