Amethyst: What I Have To.Mature

As I got changed, and gulped, my mind was spinning, thinking, paining me. Eveline was talking to everyone. She glanced at me, pitifully. I felt fresh tears come. I ran from the school, not looking back. I went strait to the park, and fell into the grass, crying.

I curled into the fotal position, and let my eyelid close. I couldn't do anything. I opened the again, and sat up, to see Alex sat on the bench. "You really did just use me, didn't you? You never cared." I said softly.

He stood, and knelt by me. "Yeah, I used you. You know that now."

"Maybe things could be diffrent." I whispered. Alex started.

"Amethyst. When I said I don't want to see you killed, I meant it. I cared enough not to harm you. Well, much. I had to do it. I had to make you see sense."

"Alex, you don't care for you? said cared for me...more than you planned."

"You're a good friend."


"Yeah. You're also very powerful. You'd be perfect to join me."

"Why do you want me to join you? Just using me to get to Eveline."

"I need Eveline!"

"Why? Why do you nee-...Mmn!" I was cut off as Alex pushed his lips to mine. A substance stung the inside of my cheeks. He was feeding something into me...but what? He pulled away, and smiled slightly. I put a finger to my lip. A red liquid...?

Bitter...yet sweet. Repulsive...yet good. I licked my lips, and stood, Alex in front of me. "Poison?" I whispered. He shook his head, and took out a tiny vial. I snatched it off him. He was trying to send me unconscious. I pulled the stopper out with my teeth.


"Amethyst, what are you doing?!?!"

"What I have to." I told her, before tipping the red stuff down my throat.

The End

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