Eveline: Not AgainMature

We find June and she helps Amethsyst walk. "We need to change her clothes..... If anyone see's her like this..." June's voice trails off.

"I'll take care of it" I click my fingers and a fog desends over us. "We as now invisible to the human eye..... can't promise with others though"

We go to June's locker then to the bathroom. I wait with Alkali outside as Amethsyst gets changed.

Then I gasp. I fall to my knees. Oh no, not again.....

I watch almost silently. He's waiting and I know he knows I'm here.

"Come out Eveline" he whispers smiling. I slowly step out from the tree line my Galaxy's copying my movement.

"Ah, so you brought the puppy followers" I watch as his eyes linger on Amethsyst but her feelings are no longer the same towards him.

"Now, lets get this party started... hmm?"

I gasp and find all of them leaning over me. "What did you see?" Alkali asks.

"I think I just saw our final battle" I whisper. "The one where we fight Alex but...... it didn't show me what happened"

I groan as I get to my feet my whole body aching. I stretch my legs then turn to face everyone.

"We're going to be extra careful" I say looking at Amethsyst with slight pity but just a brief glance.

"For now though we go to class" I say. "We'll talk later is everyone free?"

They all nod. "Good, we'll be talking at my place" I take Alkali hand and look up at him. "Come on"

The End

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