Akali: findingMature

After June  gave me her number I began to roam the school hoping eventually I will run into Eveline. When I finally found her she seemed a little upset.

"Eve..." She kisses me.

A little abrupt but it felt good. When she finally goes to breath I say

"Are you okay?"  I said putting a my hand through he hair.

" I will be once all the galaxy's are together... and we defeat Alex. I just hope Amethyst doesn't get close ." She whispers . Then we continue to stand there holding eachother. People look at us as they pass. It doesn't matter.

" June wants to see you she worried about you." I say , " Do you want me to phone her or will you talk to her later?"

" Phone her up." She says still holding on to me.

"Okay." I say taking out my mobile.

She answeres it.

" Hey June I found Eveline, where are you?"

" The gym."

" Okay we'll be over." I hang up.

" The gym, oh no." She says taking off to the gym.

I follow not too far behind. Is something going to happen there?


The End

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