Marie: ruthlessMature

"Y' know, Marie, you should really try behaving once in a while."

"Blah, blah, blah-blah, blah," I mock.

"Funny, you're really funny, y'know?" Jase says, nudging my arm with his elbow.

"Ow. You have really boney elbows... you'll be great in a sale..."

"Shame I'm never going to one, 'specaially with you."

"Why, especially with me?"

"'Cause, you're ruthless."

"Why thank you, Mr Edwards." Our convosation went on like that, all the way to the bus stop. The comes, ricketing down the road.

We walk to it, "Oi, move out of the way." Some plastic person pushes me into Jase.

"Bitch," Jase and I mutter at the same time as he stands me upright.

I feel the girl, who from now I am going to call Bitch. So, Bitch... hehe.... does this make me petty? Yes? Oh well....

"Stop insulting people in your head," Jase whispers in my ear, I can feel him being amused.

"But it's so fun," I say, he laughs under his breath. Bitch walks onto the bus, unfortionally for her, I told my foot out to her and she face plants into the ground.

"Ooooh..." Jase mutters.

"Shame, no one was there to catch her..." I smile up at Jase. He smiles his head, trying not to laugh as he pushes me onto the bus.

The End

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