Amethyst: Go. Now.Mature

As Eveline helped to heal my wounds, I felt tears coming. "Don't hurt him..." I whispered softly. She looked at me like I was mad. She explained that he had pretended to feel, but he couldn't. As she left, I just sat. Words couldn't stop me feeling like this.

Alex faded into vision. I flinched. "Amethyst..." he whispered, reaching his hand out.

" only want to hurt me. You don't want me at all, admit it. I'm not going to let you egt close to my heart so easily." I said firmly, but tears came again. Alex wrapped me in his arms tightly, rocking me slightly.

"I...Amethyst, I've changed from last time, I"

"No you haven't! You just want her, the Guardian! I loved you...Go. Now." I gritted, through sobs. He placed his lips to my forehead. He stopped crying. Maybe he did have feelings. Just maybe.

"Just go. Now." I whispered, pushing him away slightly. He sighed, and nodded, saying he'd be back. He vanished. I sighed. Eveline told me not to let him get close. But I can't help it.

The End

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