Eveline: You can't trust himMature

"Oh my god Amethsyst" I yell running over. She is bleeding heavily. I consentrate on her scars and they heal up.

"Thanks" she mutters.

"Right this time its personal" I hiss. I feel my eyes begin to glow white. I turn on my heels.

"Wait, Eveline..... don't hurt him" I turn and look at her confused. "I know there's good in him I know it"

I groan. "Amethsyst you don't understand" I whisper. "You can't trust him, you can't......"

My voice trails off and she looks at me confused. "You can't what?"

"You can't allow him near your heart like I did" I whisper. "He pretends to feel but he can't....... the only way I came free was cause I remembered Alkali"

She doesn't say anything and I run off. I run and run until I bump into Alkali.


I kiss him and at first iit was just for comfort but it then continued cause it just felt damn good.

I pull back for a breath. "Are you okay?" he asks passing a hand over my hair.

"I'll be fine once all the Galaxy's are together...... and when Alex has been defeated. I just hope Amethsyst doesn't get to close" I whisper. Then we just stand in the hallway holding each other.

I don't even think about people looking at us as they pass.

The End

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