Alkali: shifting timelinesMature

I would follow but the science teacher wasn't going to let anyone else go. I can get around that easy I fast forwards time to my assingment finish it. Leave the room , and rewind time. I hope laws of time stating that I meet my self in the future or past that the I'll blow up, or something more horrible. Doesn't apply to me. I shouldn't be worrying about someting so pointless. What was Eveline doing, Why did she leave, why did she collapse? 

I walked through the school until I found both Her , and Amethyst talking. I'll ask later I disapear as I fast forward time to my own timeline. Now I can ask her most likely but where did she go? Before I move I feel and overwhelming sensation of sickness. I lean up agianst the wall breathing heavily trying to keep what ever contenst in my stomach stay there. Why does that keep happening? Maybe shifting timelines in short periods of time isn't good.  I'll ask Eveline if I had that problem last time. Right now I need find her , and ask her even more questions. Maybe I should lay off on questions. I'll just see how she is. 

I walk up to the libaray she , isn't there same with Amethyst. Where else would they go?

The End

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