Amethyst: Maybe Next Time...Mature

"You don't relly think I a bastard, do you? You're only saying that because you're afraid of your own feelings."

"Alex, you're my friend! Aren't you?" I asked, on the floor. His eyes softened.

"I don't want you killed. Please join me."

"You know why I can't! I...I'm linked to her. If I wasn't linked, then maybe..."

e knelt down beside me, and took one of my hands. I didn't fight. "It seems, that I care more for you than I wanted...It's true, I was using you...but..."

"But you found that it isn't tha easy." I finished for him. He gave a stiff nod. I smiled, despite myself.

"You knew who I was, didn't you?" he asked softly. I nodded, "Why didn't you turn me over to the Guardian?"

" doesn't mtter now."

"Because you fell for me." he said, sitting down, crossing his legs. He pulled me into his lap.

"Join me. I don't get how I care for confuses me. Never before..."

"Eveline's coming. The Guardian is coming. Ahh." I groaned, falling against his chest.

"Maybe I will see you again." he said softly. "But, maybe next time, I won't pretend." and with that, he was gone. I noticed a scrap of blue linen. I stretched my arm out to get it. Part of his t-shirt. I clutched it to my chest. Maybe next time? When Eveline has cast me away? Maybe next time....

The End

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