Eveline: VisionMature

I sat silently through Science class my heart racing at the fact Alkali is still unconsiously still holding my hand.

Then Wack. My vision turns black. A vision......

"Join me Amethsyst" Its Alex's voice. I know it is but..... Amethsyst, if he knows about her in danger.

"I can't and you know that. You're decietful and you don't want me" Amethsyst voice is strained and it sounds like she's crying. Why can't I see more?

Then I see them they stand in The Gym facing each other a good distance between them. Alex stands calm and straight while Amethsyst gasps for breath.

Her arms are cut and blood trickles from her wounds. She's hurt and she might die and all I can do in a vision is watch.

"I don't want you dead either Amethsyst"

I watch her scoff at those words then grip her stomach in pain falling to her knees. I see not sadness on Alex's face but slight regret.

"I was born to protect the guardian and fight against bastards like you" Amethsyst's tries her best to stand up but fails. She screams and then I find myself on the floor people crowded around me.

Alkali holds me. "Eveline what's wrong?" he whispers seeing my distress. I jump up running out the classroom.

"Eveline" Alkali's voice calls. But I ingnore it. Hopefully he doesn't know who she is yet hopefully I can change that furture.......

But then I feel where I'm heading.

The Gym...........

The End

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