Amethyst: It's Nothing...Mature

I yawned, and began to sit up. Oh my...I was late...This wasn't good. BANG! My door few open, and my mother stood there with fiery eyes.

"Why are you sill in bed, bitch?!?!" she yell, yanking me by the hair, so I got up. I quickly got dressed, and went for the door. She twirled me round, and slapped me across my bare arm. She pushed me to the front door, and I stumbled out. I groaned. That slap really hurt. I had a large red mark there now. I pulled my jumper over it, and jogged to school. I breathed out, Alex was stood at the gates.

"You're late." he smirked. I waved a hand dismissivly.

"Why are you here then?" I asked. He go caught of guard. I giggled, and we went into school.

"Science...cI've gotta go this way, seeya!"

"I got moved sets, I'm in yours now." he grinned. I rolled my eyes, and pulled off my jumper, forgetting the mark till it was too late.

"What's that? A HANDPRINT?!?!?!" he yelled, taking my arm. I gae a slight nod. "Girl, seriously, you shouldn't let them get away with this. It's fucking sick!" He pulled me into a hug. I wrapped my arms tightly around him. "It's nothin..."

"It sure is something!!!! Anyway, don't let this get you down! Now I am practically dragging you into town wih me got it?!" he chuckled. I hugged him even tighter.

"Thank you. Thank you so much..." I whispered. He looked at me, and smiled. I pecked him on the lips. "My turn to make you blush." I smiled, watching his cheeks change. He kissed me lightly. My cheeks heated up.

"You were saying?" he said very seriously. We began to laugh, our ringing laughter echoing round the corridors. "Oh, andd by the way, you coming to town with me? It just turned into a date. Still wanna come?"

"Course. I think I'm falling..."

"No you're not, you stood up."

"Phsically, yes, but I mean, I think I'm falling in love..."

"Oh. Who with?" he said slightly gloomily.

"With you." I told him. He looked up in surprise, and I pushed my lips to his.

The End

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