Eveline: HeartMature

I couldn't sleep well. Alkali was in all my thoughts.

What if its different this time? What if he doesn't feel the same way?

My thoughts are silenced when I see him waiting calmly reading a book. He actually waited for me. He spots me and closes his book standing up.

I walk over slowly my heart racing. I when I reach him we hug. "Hey" I say.

"Hiya... you sleep well?" he asks. I blush.

"Not really actually" I laugh.

"Why?" he asks. I blush and rush off towards the school.

"Eveline" he shouts running after me then putting an arm round my shoulder. "I thought of you to" he whispers.

I smile at him and kiss him lightly. Glad that no one gets to school this early.

"Shall we go to the libary?" I say smiling at him. He nods and we go sit down between to book shelves. He takes one of my hands intwining our fingers then spreading them out.

"What was it like in our last life..... from what I remember we weren't on earth?" he asks.

"We live on a planet called Midnight..... sparkled with crystals at night and shone in the morning" I whisper.

"That sounds amazing" he whispers.

"No one harmed the planet either they lived in houses built into the crystal ground" I mutter.

"Unlike here" Alkali whispers. "But technoledgy is great we will fix it sooner or later"

I 'Hmm' and then the bell goes. "We have Science" I mumble.

"Come on then" He says getting up then helping me to my feet.

The End

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