Alkali: HomeMature

 I walked through the door and I was instantly yelled at.

" Wher have you been?! I was worried sick Alkali!" My mom yelled.

I walked up the stairs allowing my mom to scream and shout all she wanted. That was the best time I've had in a long time. 

" Just say where you went!" She demanded

" Out my mom I was out ok. Can't someone at my age have some freedom?" I ask

" As long as it doesn't happen agian. Alkali." She says.

Which normally ment I could stay out late if I wanted.

" Alkali!" Sven screams

" Hey Sven how are you?" I ask

" I'm great someone beat up that bully that hit me earlier." She said

I smiled.

" Thats good Sven.Where  is your Dad?" 

" He's working agian late." She said sadly

" Oh okay."  I said.

I ate whatever was left for dinner and went to bed. I couldn't wait for tommorow.

The End

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