Eveline: Night skyMature

I should have expected the questions..... heck, I mean I'm in love with a guy who likes science, sticks to logical thought and always trys to find out more..... so yeah, there would be loads of questions.

"It's getting late we should get back" Alkali mutters his hand tightning on mine.

I nod. "What to walk or teleport? Mind you the walk will take two hours" I say smiling.

"Teleport use twenty minutes away from bark street.... do you know where that is?" he asks.

"No but I still can find it" I say getting to my feet. I take his wrists and concentrate. We hit the next tarmac and Alkali stumbles which I actually find bemusing cause it brings him closer.

I kiss him quickly then take one of his hands swining it slightly as I head towards his street.

"Why twenty minutes?" I ask.

"I wanted more time with you but not be to far to walk" Alkali says shrugging.

"You actually picked randomly" I say pretending to faint.

"Okay stop over doing the sarcasm" he says smiling and shaking his head. "I am only human"

"Technically your not" I say. "Do the science geek"

"I'm not a Geek" he says shaking his head but smiling.

"I know but I'm still calling you that just like the last to times" I say cheekily.

"Oh yeah" he mumbles then smiles and I cringe.

"Oh look we're at your street" I say pointing at the sign. He looks at it and raises his eyebrow then looks at me suspisiously.

"See you tommorow" I say kissing his cheek and heading back the way we came.

"Do you have a place to stay?" he asks.

"Yeah.... oh here" I create a small piece of paper with writing on it. "Address and phone number"

Then I teleport to my new apartment which is small but cosy. Two rooms, bathroom, living room, kitchen/dining room and study.

All on the second floor just high enough to view the garden next door which is wel kept and beautiful.

I go straight to the bedroom changing into PJ's and slipping into bed. Then I touch my lips and smile.

The End

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