Eveline: A Phaser?Mature

"So what's a Phaser?" June demands. Alkali leans against a tree looking at me with slight pain in his eyes trying to find more of the past.

"An adapter. You can adapt you body, skills and personality to whatever you see fit"

"So like a shapeshifter?" she asks.

"More powerful than that.... you could change your whole being if you wanted" I say smiling.

"Wow, what are the Galaxy's?"

"The Guardian's elite force..... my elite force. I am the Guardian and I was created to keep evil at bay. The Galaxy's were created to fight with me and protect me but unlike me have different abilities. Also I am immortal and while the Galaxy's stop aging at 16 delivered a fatal wound they will die. I die once all the galaxy's are dead and am reborn exactly the same whil the Galaxy's are born with different apperances, slight personallity shifts and there powers are stronger in a way" I say.

"What powers do the Galaxy's have?"

"Well there's you the Phaser. Alkali the Time Warper who can control and see through time. Amethsyst whose the telepath. I know a girl called Marie is either the telekinesis or the controller of life energy.... opps times up"

"What?" June says. I disapear and apear in front of Alkali.

"We need to talk" I take his wrist and teleport dragging him with me. He stumbles slightly.

"I didn't give you a proper answer last time and I didn't get chance to say it before June showed up..." I take a deep breath. "We always got together cause of you"

"What? I don't get what you mean" he says confused. I step closer and he looks confused. His hands take mine our fingers intwining and he leans down to kiss me.

Why.... why did I just do that? It was so automatic, his thoughts whisper. I pull back slightly.

"Give reason a breack for a sec" I whisper and wrap my arms round his neck.

The End

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