Eveline: 2nd GameMature

I pulled my wrist quickly from Alkali. Then a knowing look sparks on his face.

He lunges and I go down through the earth popping up a few meters away.

"What the..." June's voice trails off.

"Don't you remember? The Game" Alkali says it likes its obvious and realization flashes in June's eyes. But they have two targets June want to know more about the galaxys and Alkali...... he wants to know more about the past relationships we shared....... that we possibly will share again.

"Lets see now if Amethsyst joins us we'll have a telepath, time warper and...... phaser"

"Phaser?" June says confused. I duck just as Amethsyst jumps from behind me. She rolls over to where Alkali and June are before being able to get up.

"Right... let the game begin.... now" I turn and run towards the forest.

"Fuck" Amethsyst shouts and they all race after me.

I jump into the tree changing shape into a monkey.

"Sorry but thats cool" Alkali says smiling. I feel my head lurche slightly at his praise almost distracting me avoiding Amethsyst trying to grab my tail.

I bring it in and leap being tackled in the air. I change back to a human before me and June hit the ground rolling.

"Ahh, not fair" Amethsyst moans. I get to my feet and help June to her feet. I brush the pieces of mud off.

I turn to June arms on my hips. "Ask away?" I say smiling.

The End

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