June: RealisationMature

I was sitting in Maths pretending to work when it hit me.  First it was only a small headache but then it suddenly hit me, a wave of pain as memories flooded in.

'Are you alright June?'  Ali was looking strangely concerned.

'Yeah I'm fine, I just need to see the nurse.'  I got a note from Mr Georges, collected up my stuff and went wandering around the school.  I didn't plan to see the nurse, I needed to see Eveline.

I spent a lot of time wandering around school corridors, there was no-one there.  I went to the library but there was no sign of her, just Amethyst sitting at a desk and another guy.  I thought after our run in this morning I shouldn't ask Amethyst where I could find Eveline so I approached the guy.

'Hey sorry to intrude but do you know where I might be able to find Eveline?'  I knew it was a long shot that he might know where to find her but it was worth a try.

'Sorry I don't know anyone called Eveline, I'm new and don't know many people.'

'Oh, OK, sorry to have bothered you.'  I started to walk away.

'What's your name?'

'I'm June.  What about you?'


'Well, welcome Alex.  It's been nice meeting you but I really have to find Eveline.'

'Sure I'll see you around.'  He had a nice smile.

I eventuallt found Eveline talking to a boy... what was his name?  The geeky one named after something to do with science...Alkali, that's it.

'Hey Eveline.  I need to talk to you.'  I leaned in to whisper.  'It's about the Galaxies.'

The End

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