Alkali: TimeMature

She leaves with hurt. I guess I should know. I rewind time down to the point this building didn't exist then I walked fast fowarding it to the present. I could as long as I wanted to next class because I could rewind to time back to before class started. I walked slowly attacking my brain for the answeres. What ever I didn't remember upsetted Eveline.

Eventually it was getting late I headed to the school and rewinded time to just before class.  Everytime I did this I feel sick but I needed to know. I sat down beside Eveline. 

I whisper to her " Sorry." 

I look at her face two lifetimes flash in my face with on common similarity.  We we where always together. No wonder it upsetted her. 

After class I follow Eveline. She keeps walking faster. 

" Eveline what happened last time? How did we die? Can you answere one of my questions?" I ask yelling  catching up to her outside

" Come on just answere one of them." I say

"Okay one of them." She says

" Why did we get together last time?" I ask

" Stupid question. Because we did." She says

That helped. I grabbed her wrist than another girl showed up.


The End

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