Marie: stupid teacherMature

"Miss Fairy," I gulp down annoyance as I look up at the dumbass of a teacher.


"Will you stop talking, you're distracting the class."

"Wha- I wasn't even talking!" I argue.

"Well, you are now, so shut up." The 'populars' of the class laugh so loudly that I have to cover my ears.

"This is so unfair!" I moan under my breath.

"I know, what did you do to him?" My best friend Jase asks, leaning in discretly.

"I don't know... Oh FUCK!" I yell as my pen explodes in my hand, I jump up out of my chair. Jase laughs.

"Miss Fairy!"

"Sorry, sir." I mutter, sliding back down onto my seat, head down.

"Unlucky, much."

"Shut up, Jase."

"Shut up, Jase, What?"

"Shut up, Jase, please."

"That's it! Miss Fairy, outside. Don't think that because you had to go to the hospital, that you can get away with talking so much in class!" He yells, face going red.

I sigh and trudge out of the classroom. Stupid teacher, thinks he knows everything. I mutter leaning against the door next to a random boy, feeling really short. Brilliant, I curse in my head. I'm 5'8 and hate feeling short, worse thing is I can feel his emotions.... You don't want to know, what he's feeling!

The End

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