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I snuck up behind Eveline as she came back into school. She stopped me, and went to her next lesson. "The past hurts, doesn't it...?" I asked her in my mind, knowing she would be in her nexxt lesson, thinking. I looked out with my mind, to see her sat next to Alkali, trying not to glance at him. Her eyes were red and a little puffy.

I sighed, and walked into the library. I plonked myself down on a chair in a corner, and brought my knees up to support my chin. I wanted to help desperatly. I felt a tear slid down my cheek.

"Hey...are you ok?" I looked up, to see a boy I'd never see before. I wiped away my tears, and gave a nod. He shuffled me up, and squeezed into the chair beside e, putting his arm round my shoulder. "You sure you ok? You don't really look to be the sort of girl to cry, if you know what I mean."

"I'm not cryin. I just got something in my eyes." I giggled. He rubbed my shoulder.

"Thing's will get better." he said soothingly.

I smiled softly. "Thanks. I hope they will. And I hope I see you again, my friend!" I said cheerfully. He gave a laugh.

"I trasferred here. I'm most likely in your year, or the year above you."

"Cool! Maybe we'll see a little more of each other."

"I hope so. What's you name?"


"Like this?" he asked, delving into his pocket, pulling out a star shaped amethyst, about the size of a bottle cap. I nodded. He took my hand, placed the amethyst in my palm, and curled my fingers around it.

"Keep it. I always brought me good luck, so I hope it will you." he said, smiling. I edged closer, and gave him a hug. He made a noise of shock, then a tiny laugh, wrapping his arms round me. We let go, a little awkwardly, ad he stood up.

"Well, see you round! I gotta go do some crap P.E." e chortled.

"Wait!" I called standing.

He whipped round. "Yeah?"

"What's your name?"

"Oh! It's Alexander, but everyone calls me Alex or Al."

"Ok, bye!" I said with a cheerful wave. He smiled, and walked out from the library.

The End

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