Eveline: Past HurtsMature

I smile softly. "I'll leave you to work it out" I whisper, I know theres pain on my face there always is. Even the first time when there as no past I was so hurt when he couldn't work it out.

I take to slight jogging steps back and turn on my heels and run. I have no destination, I just need to run.

I feel a tear slide down my cheek and I wipe it away angrily. Oh, stop he'll remember eventually whats the point in crying, huh?

I stop bending over and resting on my knees. I looked up and then around at my surrroundings. I was approximately 23 miles from where I was before. I sigh and slump to the grass of the field.

I lie back looking up at the sky pushing a hand up through my hair.

Last time was worse though..... He wasn't as daring last time. He tried to keep to himself to shut the world out.

But it seems reality has gone and toughened him up this time. I sigh..... and actually I quite like it cause before he only showed that side when we were fighting.

A memory flashes through me head..... or when we were kissing.

I groan and sit up straight getting to my feet. I'll be late for last period and I still need to find the last boy.

I'm just gonna teleport. I click my finger appearing behind. I step round and walk towards the school.

Then I sense Amethsyst.

"Game's over for the minute" I say turning to look at her. "We'll play again once someone else remembers thats the rules"

Then with that I head for my next lesson. I take a seat at the back and unfortunatly Alkali is in this class. He sits in the space next to me and I try to focus...... but how can I focus when the guy from two life times that you've loved is sitting centimetres from you.

The End

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