Alkali: ThatMature

" I don't expect you to get everthing I'm on about... yet." She says

She looks at me directly in the eyes. I was sorta nervous I wasn't sure what to talk about. She places a hand on my cheek , and goes to kiss me It felt normal like it was supposed to happen.  I was trying access more memories to find out what exactly if this was normal or if there was something in the past I failed.  In my head it felt like hours searching for the memories I couldn't seem to reach. really the In reality it took only a few moments.

I didn't want to ask stupidly but it seemed it would have to be that way.

" Uh... um ...." I tried to reach for the correct words.

" Just say it Alkali." She said

" Was that supposed to happen? Was there something Between us in our last Lifetime?" I ask



The End

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