Eveline: PrettyMature

"Pretty ain't it" I say. Alkali jumps and turns to face me. I smile tilting my head.

"Suppose so" he says.

"You always remember the quickest" I say leaning against a wall. "Suppose I'm glad of that"

"Why so?" he asks.

"Always the last memories to come through though" I sigh. "Most of the time it took even longer in your last life cause you weren't as daring"

He raises and eyebrow. I shake my head. "I don't expect you to get everything I'm on about...... yet"

I stand up properly and walk up to him meeting his eyes almost directly, because even though he's short for a boy his age he's slightly taller.

He looks at me slightly nervous. I smile place a hand on his cheek and kiss him.

He freezes but its more from slight shock and his bodys sort of relaxed. I feel his racing pulse but he's trying to remember he's digging at the memorys trying to understand why he remembers it and it feel natural.

I step back at he blinks trying to get his sences back to normal. I can feel his brain scratching at the past life memory and just not reaching it.

Then he opens his mouth to speak.... what will he say? What will he do?

The End

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